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Chelsea may be about to sign N'Golo Kanter's new perfect partner because of "sensational offer


According to reports, Chelsea may replace Jorginho with AC Milan midfielder Frank Casey at the end of the season. 

As Jorginho's future at Stamford Bridge is full of uncertainty, the Blues have already contacted Casey on a possible free transfer next summer. 

According to reporter Claudio Raimondi, through "Sports Witness", Chelsea is willing to pay 6.9 million pounds (8 million euros) a year for 24 years to join as a free agent in July next year. 

Reclaimed that Chelsea might have to fight for Kessie, and Paris Saint-Germain also issued a "sensational offer", hoping to sign him in 2022. 

Paris Saint-Germain's offer is worth 8.6 million pounds (10 million euros) plus bonuses, and Kessie's future in Milan is increasingly threatened. 

Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain both bid the Côte d'Ivoire international over the 5.6 million pounds (6.5 million euros) offered by Milan for a contract extension.

Thomas Tuchel can see Kessie as N'Golo Kante's new midfielder partner in his 343 system. 

This will be an interesting partnership, and the playing style of both players is considered box to box. 

Jorginho is currently the most conservative of the midfielder duo and plays an important role as a deep organizer and pacemaker in Tuchel's thriving team. 

However, in the context of the great success of the last 12 months, it is possible that he will focus on new challenges at the end of the current campaign.

Jorginho's agent, Joao Santos, acted little on the exit rumors, describing the return to Italy as the midfielder's "dream.

" He told Bianconeri Radio: "[Jorginho] 's contract with Chelsea expires in 2023. Obviously, he hopes that returning to Italy after winning the World Cup is a dream. 

"We have to analyze the market situation in a few years and other conditions. 

"In the past, when Maurizio Sarri was the coach, Jorginho could get to Juventus. Juventus directors proposed a method, which is a possibility. 

" Tuchel may want to keep Jorginho close, and recently praised the Italian international. 

"I think Jorge is a very strategic player. He can play early, he knows how to handle the ball, and he can imagine what will happen to the pass one or two in front," Tuchel explained to reporters. 

"He knows when to change the game and when not to change the game with the help of short and long distances. He has a good sense of rhythm. 

"He is very organized in the game. He organized the whole environment.

This helps him. When everything is in order, he can show his true ability to control the pace of the game.

" But if Chelsea really loses him, Kessie can play alongside Kante to give Chelsea a new look, but he's still a great midfield combination.

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